profile presentation


how to put a background

where to find pictures or textures for backgrounds


make your own banner !

good links for banners

howrse breeders making banners


how to put music

* the code to put music has been deactivated on howrse profile pages on V2 version

where to find music url


Fancy bottom page

how to put a fancy bottom

* the code to put a fancy bottom has been deactivated on howrse profile pages on V2 version


how to deactivate mouse right-click

* the code anti- right-click (and for alert boxes) has been deactivated on howrse profile pages (I guess to prevent hackers to use this code to hide a "malicious" code in it)

go up link

how to put a link to go up in your page

glitter texts and pictures

where to find glitter generators

body tag

background behind page and colored page text

* the code to put a body tag has been deactivated on howrse profile pages on V2 version

crazy howrses

funny howrse pictures for your page

* your horse pictures with rugs, polos, halters, or tack.

more funny howrse pictures

rug and tack howrse pictures


good links

all about presentation and profile on howrse: html, layouts, backgrounds, colors, banners, cursor, music, tags, fancy writing, visit counters, text, timer...

html mode

how to access to html mode


how to find color codes


breeding / howrse ID cards

good links for breeding cards

good links

boxes and rollboxes

how to put a box

howrse breeders having boxes

the horse box NEW !

how to present your horses

Special html tags

how to make special effects on texts

Fancy writing codes

how to make fancy writings

Visit counters

how to put a visit counter

where to find visit counters

Special texts

where to find special text generators


how to put a timer on your page


where is a player's presentation

You need the player's ID. Example: CraXoR > ID = 132
Add the ID at the end of this url:
You get:

It works for any player, even a banned player, like CraXoR