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How to get free passes

Ways of earning passes

* 1 pass for every 5 karma points acquired

* 1 pass every time that 5 of your sponsored breeders reach the 8th riding level

* one or several passes by selling a horse for money + passes in private sales

* 1 pass if you send a horse who died over the age of 30 to heaven (not to safe haven)...

* you can buy 1 pass with the money from your reserve on Howrse as of your 50th day on Howrse. You can can buy 1 pass every 30 days' registration after this. This will cost you 20% of your monetary reserve.

* if you have an Equestrian Center, you can plant Pass seeds to get 1 pass
=> but you need : 5 Pass seeds, a Large fertile meadow (15 acres), Manure as fertilizer, Natural pesticide
=> and it takes 30 days to get... 1 pass




BEWARE : Don't give your password, or your email address to people or on website that propose you free passes... it's the best way to get your account deleted !

There are no other way of getting passes ...


How to find an item in the box

what's the trick ?

A special trick from renee1112

"I have calculated the ratio for putting a horse in the box and around (give or take 30 minutes) every 18 hours (for the same horse) you will find something like a blanket, tub, whip, etc."



If you put your horse in the box, you may find an item, for every 18 hours.

Note from CraXoR : I haven't tested that trick, but I will start now... You can do it as well, and send me your results by mail


How to get a pass with a horse

requirements to get the pass

* Horse must die

* age over 30

* Horse must be sent to heaven (not Safe Haven !)
(when your horse is dead, a special link appears)

keeping a horse alive untill 30 years old

* Your horse loses 2% health every 2 months, when he has over 25 years

* You have to try to lose less health !
The only things that should be done (not in this order but it doesn’t matter):
Feed forage with feeding box (1 pound each time)
Stroke x 2
Put to bed

And you *can* give a carrot, turnip, salt stone and apple with no ill effects
Doing lessons can be ok, but it happens sometimes that the horse loses 1% health with a lesson during the day... Not often though, and I didn't find why...

I can add that if you do only short actions, health will not drop (like box not more than 30 minutes each time) and if you put your horse to bed the latest at most 22.00, health will drop only 1% during the night.





How to raise horse's condition if not in an EC


what's the point ?

Raising the horse condition before selling him,
without spending money for EC boarding fee.

It's easier to sell a horse with the best conditions !

Nota Bene : You can put the horse to bed for the night,
but this doesn't show on the horse's page.

actions raising condition working outside the EC

  • Stroke => energy: +0 to +12 (max)
  • Drinking => morale: +1, energy: +2
  • Apple => morale: +1
  • Turnip => morale: +1, energy: +10
  • Grooming => morale: +3
  • Salt Stone => morale: +1, energy: +0 to +3 (max)
  • Feeding => energy: depending on food amount


Horse condition before :

  • energy : 89%
  • morale : 92%

Horse condition after all actions (except feeding) :
(price: Apple + Turnip = 25eq instead of 40eq minimum boarding fee)

  • energy : 100%
  • morale : 99%





How to get aging points

ways of getting aging points

- buying 5 points with 1 pass HERE

- catching one (like UFO) by clicking on it

- opening a Horn of Plenty (that you buy at the black market, or that you win)

- using a Piece of Cloud on a horse => it gives 2 aging points

- putting your horses in the pasture or in the box (you may find 1 aging point)

- putting your horse to bed (you may find 1 aging point next morning)

- and sometimes, if you use an aging point you can get another one!!! Just like that!!! (from WINNIEPOOHcoryn)





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