fun stuff



Why you shouldn't have your back to a horse race

(from HeatherAQHA)


make your own movie

a CriXor Cluwb production...







can you read this ?

perhaps you will need to squint ...


where is the idea box ?


Its here !!!!

But it's closed .... Too many ideas on howrse already


new product !


Soon in the Black Market ...
costs only one pass, and never lasts !


and this one, found by Jennifer_=D

If you want to buy it, gwenneh prefers apple flavour


do you want to enter howrse police ?

we have seen lately topics in a mod's EC forum,
with incitement to denounciation
it's like if they wanted to create a "howrse police"...
(of course this is a joke !)

don't you think players are already snitching for a lot of inapropriate things seen on pages ?

what is considered as really "inapropriate" ?




DemureGirl's animations






N°6 (new)





strange in howrse...

where does this foal come from ?

this is the screen shot of a real page on howrse... but this "foal" is not dead in fact...
Embryon - Look at his mum...
If you find the answer....





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