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what's new here ?

# WINNOR (help to win competitions) NEW!
(help to raise BLUP up to 100) updated!
(New Method : any season) updated!
# CRACKOR (Max Skills for a foal to be born) NEW!
# OBJECTIVE LIST (90 objectives with tricks to validate)
# QUEST LIST & HELP (30 quests for new players)
# COLORMATCH (color code generator)
# GYPSE LIST (196 horses) UPDATE january 14th
# SLEIPNIR LIST (automatic update)
# FALABELLAS FOR SALE (howrse link)
# Howrse Falabella list UPDATE january 14th
# New Fake HOP
# Howrse Croesus list UPDATE january 14th
# The GiPiator (calculate foal's GP)

Random Xanthor

Click every day >

5 Xanthos are chosen randomly when you click.
You can stroke every day with this instant stroke.

You can get the code of the button and put it on your profile page.

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Or come here, and click on the RANDOM XANTHOR button, if you are connected to, it will stroke as well.

Xanthos links

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the CraXoR ringtone

CraXoR ringtone
put it on your phone

by -CraXoR-

the Popularitor

NEW! Sept 25th > Click every day >

The idea is to try to make one breeder, horse, and one EC, raise to top of popularity with your help !

Players chosen for the POPULARITOR get their ranking raise in less than 3 days !
Yesterday, 60 visits came from the Popularitor !

You can't put this button on your page or your forum,
as howrse's admins have forbidden outside links now...
(how stupid !)

Send your registration to Charlo:
To register for next POPULARITOR, give a breeder, an EC, or a horse name, and post a PM.

Make your Customized Popularitor Button !
(You can add your EC, as a visited page, to increase your EC visits each time a player clicks on your Popularitor Button!)

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Click every day >

The idea is to pick up your 5 favorite Xanthos,
and stroke them every day with an instant stroke.

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Stroke my horse in Safe Haven

Click every day >

This horse is from CraXoR:
click on the link bellow, if you want to see it :

Before sending a horse to Safe Haven, note his ID.
Then after having sent him to Safe Haven, you will be able to stroke him every day, and go on his Safe Haven page.

Make your Customized STROKE MY HORSE IN SH Button !

(this is not an outside link...from howrse I mean... LOL)


What Sort of Howrse Player are you?
Are you maybe ... a mini-mod? Possibly a snitcher? This player-personality quiz will try and target your inner player and tell you what it is ... scared? Of course not - go ahead, if you dare!

Quiz made by izzyhorselover !


wall of fame...

the breeder of the month

the best forum helper breeder

the best EC forum of the month


wall of shhhame...

the worst breeder of the month

  • starrburst
    (sends the Archimedes links to mods without giving credit to CraXoR, saying she made them... in fact she copied them from here... what a shame!)

the worst forum

  • Loque'nahaks Den (from WhispereingSounds)

the pet mod of the month

  • gwenneh

the best howrse minimod

  • bridget-xxx

the best howrse snitcher

should i report?
should i report a player for lying in their private sale writing.
the player i shall call ALAN for this.
ALAN has written in their bit about their horse for sale in p. sales.
quote: "plz buy! im broke! SH next"
but I checked and they are far from broke!!
should i report them, since they are lulling the potential buyer into a false sense of pity for ALAN, possibly provoking them to buy the horse!!
Get a life ! And leave the other players free to advertise for their horses !....

the tip !

New tip
Quick Foal Games with Rabbit

other websites partners

DEBARCH graphics
Free layouts


you can advertise your website here !

Put a link to this website, it will give you much more satisfaction than copying from here, and people will visit you as much or even more !

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special links

 howrse secret page N.1
 howrse secret page N.2

the news

# 04/03/2011 - CraXoR's ban...
CraXoR has been banned from howrse for more than one year !

# 12/02/2011 - CraXoR's horses...
Queeny (foundation horse)
Cat Power
Skillor 0 skills
Thinor 0 LBS project
Beware I'm a

# 26/11/2010 - howrse secret page N.2...
For objective number 73.
Remember to be logged into Howrse for it to work. horses number

Direct link on Secret page N.2

You can find a direct link, on CraXoR Club home page, in the special links...

# 24/11/2010 - Mod stupidity
From a howrse player:
Some adults these days! Pure bratty kids.
SLS posted something about someone accidently buying her horse meant for someone else. That got locked up real quick by some mod. Heck, i got a warning for calling the player a "brat who throws hissy fits." xD
Posts stating about the original post got locked up real quick too. Mods had their panties in a bunch. :P Theyre no better these days either. Good grief..just thought id update you on Mod Stupidity. I do love having my point proven tho, im sure you do to. :D

# 20/11/2010 - Apparently CraXoR is dead ;)
A new topic on sissy's forum :
Most of you must remember Craxor right? He spammed, made outside links and illegal websites. Well he is not with us anymore, he died from lung cancer. His family smoked and he inhaled to much. I know he was a pain, but stinks that he had to end like this.

The illegal website was when you click on a link on somebodies page and it was only, on messages it said '100 hate messages.'

He spammed forums all across this website. He wasn't much in some of our hearts I suppose. But he did pass away on November, 13, 2010.

Bye Bye Craxor

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Archimedes QUIZ : 142 Questions and Answers

Archimedes Special horses

Win a HOP !

Rakkan Stables

is the most popular Equestrian Center on howrse
The director, Charlo , has decided to help you !
add Charlo as a friend
and if you are lucky, you can win one Horn Of Plenty
(The prize will be awarded by drawing lots)

the New fake HOP !

Put the fake HOP on your page !
Copy and paste this code in your presentation, in html mode, where you want the fake HOP to appear.

Express yourself !

answers to a lot of questions...

PMail to CraXoR ...

If you have ideas, tricky questions... you can write to CraXoR

CraXoR on Facebook

Stop snitchin' on howrse !

about No snitchin' movement

Some players are snitching (reporting about petty things), and forget that this is a game,
the priority is not hunting to find and report other players...
but playing and most of all having fun with fairplay !

If you agree, put the Stop Snitchin pic on your page !

[this game is like a military camp - don't you think so ?]

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