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CraXoR cluwb provides howrse help, foal games, tips, tricks and cheats, skillor, training and blup programs, levels answers, achievements guide, quests help, layouts, contests, news, gossips, divine horse list, sleipnirs, objective list, to play on the virtual horse breeding game

what's new here ?

# CRACKOR (Max Skills for a foal to be born)
# OBJECTIVE LIST (90 objectives with tricks to validate)
# QUEST LIST & HELP (30 quests for new players)
# COLORMATCH (color code generator)
# New Fake HOP
# The GiPiator (calculate foal's GP)

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Stroke my horse in Safe Haven

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Horse to stroke

Before sending a horse to Safe Haven, note his ID.
Then after having sent him to Safe Haven, you will be able to stroke him every day, and go on his Safe Haven page.

Make your Customized STROKE MY HORSE IN SH Button !

You can also stroke a horse not in Safe Haven...
Try with any horse !


What Sort of Howrse Player are you?
Are you maybe ... a mini-mod? Possibly a snitcher? This player-personality quiz will try and target your inner player and tell you what it is ... scared? Of course not - go ahead, if you dare!

Quiz made by izzyhorselover !


the tip !

New tip
Quick Foal Games with rabbit

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Stop snitchin' on howrse !

about No snitchin' movement

Some players are snitching (reporting about petty things), and forget that this is a game,
the priority is not hunting to find and report other players...
but playing and most of all having fun with fairplay !

If you agree, put the Stop Snitchin pic on your page !

[this game is like a military camp - don't you think so ?]

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