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What is GP?


The Genetic Potential (GP) gives the skills level that the foal could reach when fully trained according to his parents aptitudes

When the foal was just born, you can see his GP,
at the bottom of his page >

You will see which are the best Skills (those with the highest GP) : Here it's stamina and dressage



How is foal's GP calculated ?

It depends on the GP of his parents.
It's possible to calculate approximatively the average of the foal's GP (but there is a random factor so it's impossible to give an exact answer).



How to get a better GP for the foal ?

If the parents's average BLUP is 0, i.e. neutral, it will not have an impact on calculating the foal's Genetic Potential.
If it is less than 0, the foal will have more chance of seeing its GP lower than its parents's GP and vice versa if the average BLUP is more than 0.

what GP will the foal have ?

¤ Name of parents : * optional  
¤ Sire : ¤ Mare :
¤ Genetic Potentials :  
¤ Sire (father): ¤ Mare (mother) :
GP :
GP :


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