All about Archimedes famous horses...

update : may 24th

  • An Archimedes :
    Can be sold.
    Can't be renamed.
    Can't be bred.
  • Archimedes was a prize:
    - for those who have won 100 challenges
    - or offered a validated question in the Howrse Quiz.
    Archimedes was given to them, (on march 16th), because the Howrse Quiz site was closed.

  • Archimedes has his intelligence bar at 50% every new morning.
    He becomes more intelligent if a player answers the Quiz Question correctly.
    He gets more dumb if a player doesn't answer correctly.

  • Archimedes has a Quiz Question on his page.
    Each player can only answer to one Quiz Question a day.
    Archimedes gives one aging point to the player if he answers properly to the Quiz Question.

    To be sure to win one aging point per day, go to the "Archimedes Quiz Questions & Answers" and get the right answer to your Archimedes Quiz Question.

    To choose an Archimedes every day, go to the "Complete list of Archimedes" and choose one, by cliking on the Archimedes link. It will open the Archimedes page, to see the Quiz Question.

    You can also use THE ARCHIMEDOR X1 (Chooses for you 1 Archimedes page, with a question)
    and THE ARCHIMEDOR X5 (Chooses for you 5 Archimedes pages, with 5 questions).
    The best way to get an easy Quiz Question, because if you don't know the answer, you can change page and get a new question, untill you answer.

    You can make your own Archimedor code: MY ARCHIMEDES QUIZ
    If you wish to answer to a Quiz Question given by your own Archimedes,
    or have other players to answer to a Quiz Question given by a chosen Archimedes,
    you can make a customized code.


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