what is the popularitor ?

This is the Popularitor button :

The Popularitor is a program that makes 4 instant visits to raise popularity of :
  1. a breeder
  2. a horse
  3. a center
  4. your own center (if you customize the Popularitor button)

The top 3 pages are changed every week
(you can post on CraXoR's EC Forum to suggest a breeder, a horse, or a center,
for next week popularitor)

The fourth page, is your own Equestrian Center.
So, if you put the POPULARITOR button, on your profile page,
(pasting the code in your presentation)
you will get as much visits to your EC than players clicks on the button !


make your own popularitor code

  • Get the ID of your Equestrian Center

    - Go to your center page (link in your Equestrian Center Office)
    - copy the last number of the url showing up in the adress bar

for example : http://www.howrse.com/centre/fiche?id=91
91 is the ID of your Center

  • Enter your Equestrian Center ID in the case below
maximum 8-figure number