howrse objectives
+30 in november

CraXoR cluwb provides the new objectives list, to help players to validate quickly the 60 objectives, on virtual horse breeding game
. Tips, tricks, cheats, codes, pass, rewards, gifts, equus, and help for howrse objectives are here!
Objective 45 : Secret page 1 - Objective 73 : secret page 2

what are the objectives ?

The previous achievements have been deleted, and replaced by the new objectives.

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You get 3 objectives to validate at a time.

When you validate one of the 3 objectives, you get a new objective to validate.

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Objectives : list

61 - Breeding farm : Own an immortal horse

Reward: 20 apples

62 - Community: Have a friend offer you an apple
Reward: apple from a friend!
63 - Trade : Sell a horse for at least 1 pass
Reward: 1 Piece of cloud
64 - Karma: Reach a given number of karma points
Reward: 1 Eolus wind
65 - Aging: Have a horse older than 30 (not special and not divine)

Reward: 5 energetic mashes

66 - Competitions : Participate in a given number of competitions with your horses
Reward: 7 aging points
67 - Breeding farm: When you have finished the game having won 1.20 in genetic potential for two foals you have bred
Reward: 10 turnips

Use CraXoR's foal games methods
68 - Breeding farm: Own a given number of living horses
Reward: 1000 equus
6 more horses
69 - Breeding farm: Have a Unicorn born in your breeding farm
Reward: 1 Piece of cloud
having a female Unicorn.
Breed your unicorn at 8h23, with a male unicorn of same breed.
70 - Competitions : Win 10 compétitions
Reward: 1000 equus
Avoir un bon cheval, et l'inscrire dans les compèts les plus facile, dans ses compétences les meilleures.
71 - Seniority: Reach a given seniority
Reward: 1 made do mesure saddle
20 more days
72 - Equus: Reach a given breeder reserve
Reward: 50 turnips
+ 30 000 equus more than you have
73 - Special : Find special page N.2
Reward: 1 pass
put the number of live horses at the end of an url - direct link :
74 - Community: Complete your profil up to 100%
Reward: 1 black orchid
Go to : Profile > my account > Edit my account - all informations need to be filled and email checked.
75 - Breeding farm : Put horses from your breeding farm to bed a given number of times
Reward: 1000 equus
4 times as much as your number of horses
76 - Ranking : Being in top 500 ranking (general or breeder)
Reward: 1 pandora box
Ranking is updated every night, you have to wait for next day to have your objective validated.
Ask Charlo how he got so popular... He has a trick...
77 - Attendance: Have logged on 18 different days in the past 20 days
Reward: 1 Daphne laurel
78 - Competitions : Register one horse at Grand Prix
Reward: 7 calorific mashes
Grand Prix access can only be found in a Horn of plenty ! Good luck !!!
79 - Reproduction : Have a foal from a mare with BLUP 100
Reward: 1 hippocampe
80 - Breeding farm: Being the owner of a Pegasus
Reward: 1000 equus
Buy a Pegasus, or put Medusa blood on one of your horses
81 - Seniority: Reach a given seniority
Reward: 1 Boréas lunge
10 more days than for objective N.71
82 - Competitions : Win 30 competitions
Reward: Héphaïstos
83 - Equestrian Center : have a certain number of horses in your EC
84 - Equestrian Center: make manure
85 - Breeding farm : reach a certain amount of skills with a horse you have bred
86 - Competitions : reach a certain number of top 3 positions in competitions with horses you gave birth to
87 - Breeding farm : find an aging point by working with your horse
88 - Karma: Reach a given number of karma points